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Sam Reed

Senior Trending News & Entertainment Editor

Sam Reed is Glamour's senior trending news and entertainment editor. She was previously a digital features editor at InStyle covering all things pop culture, and before that she was a fashion reporter at The Hollywood Reporter. You can follow her at @HereReedThis and @ugh_sam_.

Summer of Booty

Jennifer Lopez Affleck Posed Nude to Announce JLo Body 

The Summer of Booty has arrived.

Talking Trash With Phoebe Robinson

The writer, producer, and star of Everything’s Trash is bringing her trademark humor to the small screen.
Celebrity Style

Katie Holmes Basically Wore a Wool Blanket in 95-Degree Heat

It's cute, though!
Celebrity Style

Issa Rae’s Sheer Lace Corset Puts a Sexy Spin on the Skirt Suit

It's giving boss. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley Arrested Outside Supreme Court

The representatives, as well as 14 other members of Congress, were detained while protesting for abortion rights.

Meghan Markle Proved That Even Shorts Can Look Office Appropriate

Because it's hot outside.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennifer

Jennifer and Ben Affleck Are Planning a Party to Celebrate Their Marriage

“Jennifer says that every day with Ben is a honeymoon.” 
Mr. and Mrs. Bennifer

Everything Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck Has Shared About Her Wedding

Including details about JLo's "dress from an old movie." 
Queen Bey

Watch Beyoncé’s First TikTok Featuring a Cardi B Cameo

Queen Bey has arrived. 
Jenny from the Block

Jennifer Lopez Wore a Massive Flannel Shirt and Work Boots Like It’s 1999

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got….

AOC and Ted Lieu Are Asking the Senate to Declare That SCOTUS Justices Lied Under Oath

“We are writing because the legitimacy of the Supreme Court of the United States is at stake.” 
Celebrity News

Keke Palmer on Fame and Consent: ‘I’m a Human Being Learning How to Set Boundaries’

After an unpleasant run-in with a fan earlier this year, Palmer is speaking out about protecting her privacy.

Actually, Keke Palmer Prefers Her Real Name

“More than anything, I would love to go back to Lauren.”
Celebrity News

Keke Palmer Reveals the One Role She Wanted and Was ‘So Sad’ to Lose 

“When I look back on it, I wasn't ready.” 
I Object!

Elle Woods Attended a Movie Premiere Last Night

Did I say Elle? I meant Reese Witherspoon….
Celebrity Families

Chris Hemsworth Shared Adorable Photos of His Daughter on Different Thor Sets

"She's my favorite superhero."