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Keke Palmer Answers WAY Too Many Questions

Keke Palmer, star of the Jordan Peele's upcoming NOPE, has been tasked by Glamour to answer an obscene number of questions. How many questions? Honestly, we lost count! Questions about being famous, her music, self-care, just about everything! Well, what are you waiting for, quit reading and start watching the Queen of memes spill all. Director: Arielle Neblett Producer: Tyrice Hester Associate Producer: Amy Haskour Director of Photography: Stephen Tringali Cam Op: Shay Eberle-Gunst Audio: Kari Barber Production Assistants: Eric Bittencourt and Stephanie Bell Production Management: Andressa Pelachi, Peter Brunette, and Carol Wachokier Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin Editor: Louis Lalire Entertainment Director: Caitlin Brody Talent: Keke Palmer

Released on 07/13/2022


What's up Glamour, it's your girl, Keke Palmer,

and I am about to answer an excessive amount of questions.

We've got Career, Personality, Likes and Dislikes,

Life, and The Price of Fame, let's get into it.

[upbeat intro music]

What do I wanna start with? [fingers tapping]

The Price of Fame, that title got me right off top.

What's one thing you would love to do,

but can't because you're famous?

One thing that like I think you get worried about doing

when you're famous is like being imperfect.

It's not even something I would love to do,

it's something that I am, but when you are famous,

sometimes it's like hard for people to get into that.

Turn the other cheek or cuss them out?

This was straight to the point.

I love it when we just get, boom, direct with it.

I think there's a time and there's a place for both.

You don't necessarily need to be like

absolutely cussing them out like [gibberish]

you know, you can just be like per the last email

and then turn the other cheek is just when you like,

let it go it's not really worth it type vibe

so I think both.

I like the Personality,

Imma do the Personality again.

Would you hurt a fly?

Okay, if you going by the phrase, Would you hurt a fly?

Like, would you hurt a fly?

Like not literally a fly?

Then like, yeah, I would not hurt a fly.

Sometimes flies, like literal flies, are pest

and I might swat around, I try not to kill 'em,

I swear to you, I try not to kill 'em

like the worst thing I've done is spray

a little bit of like Febreze on 'em

to get 'em up outta there.

If you weren't an actress,

what would you do for a living and why?

I would most likely be a hair stylist or a therapist

because I feel like they're kind of the same thing.

I love talking to people and getting into people's business.

I just imagine me being creative doing somebody's hair

and being like, Girl, so tell me

what happened with Chico now.


So what you gonna do?

Same thing if I was a therapist, How you doing John?

So let's get back into what we were talking

about last time with your mom,

you know what I mean?

Do you like anime?

I like it when I see it, you know, I'm like,

Oh, this is cool,

but I'm not like sitting at home, like put on an anime.

Where did you get your sense of humor from?

From my dad, he's funny like in a very wholesome way.

He like Girl, you playing, you know what I'm saying?

There are so many memes that have been made of you,

do you have a favorite?

You know what, I think my favorite is,

You know it's your girl, you know, that TikTok.

Your first memory?

When I was about five years old,

I saw Lion King for the first time

and I just remember running to my mom's room and being like,

They killed Mufasa,

that to this day is too much to this day.

Can you describe yourself as a friend using three words?

These are some good questions.

First word is,


I ain't gonna lie, I'm definitely that friend that's busy.

Second one I would say is, communicative,

the third one is, fun, I think I'm a fun friend.

I always try to make my friends laugh and stuff like that

and do fun activities, you know,

we go Boat Cinema, Rooftop Cinema,

damn it seem like all I do is go to the cinema.

Am I fun?

What's your favorite thing about yourself?


In life, this one's important is-

I think I'm pretty resilient.

It doesn't mean I don't get hurt,

I get hurt and times get hard-

♪ Times gonna be hard, slow ♪

You know, I always know that you always can come back,

[fingers tapping] here.

Why do you prefer to go by Keke instead of Lauren?

This is a good question because I actually don't prefer

to go by Keke instead of Lauren.

[tongue clicks]

Keke was my family name and only people

that called me Keke were people in my family

and then one day my manager at that time heard

my mom call me Keke 'cause I wasn't listening

so she was like, Keke, Keke,

and he said, That should be her stage name.

So it went from being just something

that my family called me to being something

that the whole world called me

and more than anything, I would love to go back to Lauren.

What's your favorite movie ever?

So this is a hard one because I have a lot of favorites,

but my favorite, favorite movie ever is probably The Wood

by Rick Famuyiwa, has everything, has comedy,

has coming of age, it has love, it has friendship,

so I really love that movie.

Have you ever worn a disguise so you won't be noticed?

Lemme tell you something,

I've been in my normal gear

and people have come up to me like,

Hey, I know you in a disguise,

but I know you're Keke Palmer,

I'm like, That's a damn shame that me

and my normal attire seems like a disguise.

I feel so insulted

because obviously there was an expectation

that you had for me and I did not exceed it.

Do you have any allergies?

You know what, I feel like every other week I find out

I got a new allergy.

I'm lactose, I'm gluten intolerant, let's get to the point

where I can't eat anything but couscous.

Let's give Life again a chance.

That's funny, let's give life again a chance.

How are you feeling today?

I'm feeling good, I'm on this new kick where it's like,

You know what, I'm not gonna force anything.

When are we getting your next album?

Oh yes, it's done baby and you should be getting it

this yeah.

Name one self care routine that you love.

I don't think that's appropriate.

Do you have any reoccurring dreams?

Describe them.

You know what, I haven't had any reoccurring dreams lately,

but back in the day, I used to have like dreams

of like falling, I think everybody's had that dream

where you're like, you're falling it's like, ah,

you know what I mean?

You don't know where you're going and you just wake up

or the dream where like you have teeth falling out

and stuff like that.

That I've had before, but I haven't had that

since I was like a teenager.

Now, my dreams actually become movies,

some of them I'm trying to write.

What is your worst fear?

My worst fear is like never like not continuing to grow.

Like the idea of staying stagnant

or getting too complacent is like ooky spooky.

What do you like most about your work?

I think I've always had a lot of energy

since like a very young age and my parents, thank goodness

that they were artists and creative people

because they helped me find the outlet

to be able to engage all that energy into.

So I love that in my job that I can be all

the different parts of me that sometimes are hard

for other people to understand,

but when I put them in the facet of my passion,

they make sense.

Most memorable fan moment.

Sometimes my fans try to jump on me.

One time my mom had to like,

Don't do that to her, you scaring her, get up off her.

It's funny because sometimes fans don't realize

while they know you, you don't know them.

So they like approach you like, you know what I mean?

Y'all been friends forever and you're just like,

Who the hell are you?

Can you demonstrate your favorite dance moves?

Y'all can't handle my favorite dance moves.


Bam, that's just like a little something light.

How do you establish genuine relationships in the industry?

I don't really know how to do this one.

Most of my friends aren't in the industry.

I don't mean to say that

because people in the industry are bad,

but people in the industry are bad, I'm kidding.

'Cause the industry is so all encompassing,

you really try to find balance

by not having maybe so many friendships

and relationships that are within the industry.

What's the best part of working on HBO's Legendary?

That is probably the best job you could ever have

because first of all, you get to go and dress up

in cool outfits and then you get

to watch all these amazing talented people put on

these great performances.

I'm getting to enjoy the show the whole time

and look fabulous while doing it, it's a lot of fun.

Well, that's all Glamour,

I really enjoyed answering all those Excessive Questions,

you guys really got into my business and I hope you enjoy,

until next time.